Don’t Let it Stand

A guide to addressing online abuse


Since 2013, the Internet Democracy Project has published several research studies and think pieces around online abuse and other forms of technology-enabled violence against women. Find the outputs of our very first research study on this issue below. More work will be added soon, so do keep checking back.

    Don't Let It Stand - The Original Research

    If you prefer a summary of the original research, watch the video below.

      Whose Internet?

      This was the question that, in large part, drove the original research behind Don’t Let It Stand.

      In this video from 2014, Richa Kaul Padte – writer and co-conspirator of Don’t Let It Stand – approaches that question by drawing from the original report to trace the many kinds of gendered abuse that have made their way onto the Internet. She highlights in particular the non-legal strategies from women both in India and beyond. And she talks about how, despite the popular view of the Internet as a level playing field, offline structures of power such as caste, gender, and sexuality are very much reconstructed online.

      Plus, stick around for a discussion on online misogyny as built into search engines like Google (consider this as bonus material for fans of the report). This and more in the video above!