Don’t Let it Stand

A guide to addressing online abuse


The strategies cover a wide range of resources that we hope will be helpful to you. Here are a few additional ones that we believe are worth checking out, especially if you are looking for more information on how to keep your communications secure, if you want to explore taking collective action, or are if you have started to think about working towards structural change.

    If you have been targeted by abuse and need immediate help

    If you want to improve your online security

    • Hamara Internet

      A Digital Security Guide for Pakistani Women: Full of tips on how to keep your communications secure, this guide by the Digital Rights Foundation in Pakistan is customised to take into account challenges specific to the cultural context of South Asia.

    • Screenshot 2018 10 29 At 5 44 52 Am

      #SaferSisters: Informative (and attractive!) gifs with feminist digital security hints for women and non-binary people, to nail tech ppas, gadgets and habits. By the Brazilian Coding Rights.

    • Safer Nudes

      Safer Nudes: Also from Coding Rights, a guide on how to reclaim your ability to self-represent by way of the nude selfie, providing tips and practices to help you send your nudes online in a safer way.

    • 1 A4 Safe Hub Collective

      A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity: This guide by Hack*Blossom explains how to take control of your data, mobile phone and social media, and how to protect yourself against hackers - all from a feminist perspective!

    • 2 A4 Zen And The Art Of Making Tech Work For You

      Zen and the Art of Making Tech Work for You: This guide by Tactical Tech covers creating and managing online identities, building safe spaces online and offline, finding the right tools for collaborations, and a helpful glossary, among other things.

    • 6 A4 Ononymous

      Ononymous: Looking for even more resources? Tactical Tech also brings you this curated collection of materials around protecting yourself online from a range of organisations. Watch films and animations, play games, and read online resources.

    • A4 Equalitie

      Learn eQualitie: This wiki collates a range of more advanced learning resources related to digital security, including digital security for human rights defenders, secure hosting, and curricula for digital security trainers.

    • Risky Research Best Practices

      Best Practices for Conducting Risky Research and Protecting Yourself from Online Harassment: A Data & Society guide aimed at those doing research that may put them at risk of harassment or discrimination. With recommendations for institutions, advisors, and researchers themselves.

    If you're looking to take collective action or work towards structural change